Pool & Patio Sealing

Pool decks and patios are used extensively throughout the summer months in the lower mainland but often forgotten about throughout the winter. Sealing your deck or patio will protect it from unpredictable weather and UV damage while also keeping your family safe from tripping on cracks or abrasions. Pools and patios are often the focal point of a home or landscape and sealing the surface around it will preserve and enhance its natural beauty for many years to come. The Evolve Coatings team are highly trusted throughout Vancouver and the lower mainland with providing excellent service to meet your needs. Concrete sealing is important as it not only protects your biggest investment but also keeps your family safe with our anti-slip coat.


Pool decks are used by individuals of all ages. Sealing your pool deck can get rid of existing cracks and limit new cracks from developing. Sealing can also increase grip with anti-slip sealers, which is perfect for around a pool deck.


Decks and the surfaces that surround them are constantly threatened by moisture. Applying the correct sealant can thoroughly protect the finish of the concrete while allowing moisture to escape from underneath.

Concrete pool decks, whether it be stamped, aggregate, trowel or broom finish are highly susceptible to erosion. Moisture and high traffic are a major reason you should seal your concrete. Evolve Coatings experts will professionally and safely apply our premium products to your pool deck. Call us now at 604-358-0183 to book your free estimate today.

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Pool decks are high traffic areas commonly prone to physical and natural damage. Allowing one of our service professionals to apply commercial high-grade sealant will ensure the beauty and preservation of your pool deck all year round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anti slip additives are combined with the chosen sealer in order to prevent falls around your pool. The additives are clear and will not show in the final finish of your concrete.

Sealant around pools is highly susceptible to moisture making it crucial the product is applied correctly. If a low-grade product is used or a quality sealer is applied incorrectly irreversible damage can develop on your pool deck. Our sealers generally last 3 to 5 years.

At Evolve Coatings our experts are extensively trained to properly apply the appropriate high-quality product needed to keep your pool deck looking new for years. Sealants we use around pools are specifically chosen to be safe for people and pets while maintaining the highest level of protection possible.

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