Leading the way in concrete coatings and epoxy solutions!

Garage Flooring and Epoxy

Garage Flooring and Epoxy Systems

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Leading the way in concrete coatings and epoxy solutions!

Garage Flooring and Epoxy Systems

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    We specialize in epoxy garage floor coatings and concrete epoxy coatings.

    The Evolve Coatings team are trained and licensed professionals that will ensure you receive the best quality coatings from preparation to finish. Concrete coatings and epoxy garage flooring solutions are vital for the longevity of your concrete. Protect your biggest investment and avoid the heavy cost of replacement while getting a studio like design finish.

    Garage Floor Coatings

    Transform your garage floor with a beautiful epoxy coating system. Your garage floor come into contact with chemicals, oils, grease, and rubber. Our garage floor coating systems will protect your concrete from damaging elements and make it incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Evolve coatings is leading the way for Epoxy garage flooring in Vancouver. Click here to see some of our work! 

    Outdoor & Indoor Coatings

    Looking to renew your concrete surface whether its outdoor or indoor. Epoxy coatings are the perfect solution! With a multitude of design options to pick from. We are sure to have an option that will fulfill your needs.

    Commercial Coatings

    Commercial and industrial spaces require an epoxy coating that will withstand constant cleaning , foot traffic ,and heavy machinery such as cars and forklifts. Epoxy is the ideal coating for warehouses, commercial kitchens, restaurants, chemical plants and many other types of commercial spaces. Inquire about the best suitable coating for your space! Click here for more information.

    Our 5 Step Garage Floor Coating Process

    Step 5:  Apply clear and durable top coat

    Step 4:  Decorative Flake Layer

    Step 3:  Apply base coat

    Step 2:  Crack and chip repair

    Step 1:  Diamond grind concrete surface

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    Garage Floor Design Options​

    Domino Garage Floor Flake

    Cabin Fever Garage Floor Flake

    Nightfall Garage Floor Flake

    Gravel Garage Floor Flake

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    Our Standards

    Expert Technicians

    Concrete coatings and epoxy garage floor coatings require professional installation. Our technicians are trained and licensed to guarantee the highest quality floor and coating is installed for your project. 

    Quality Product

    To ensure our garage floor coatings last a long time, Evolve Coatings uses industry leading commercial grade products for every job. We provide complete transparency on what we use and how we use it.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Our team is meticulous in making sure everything gets completed to your level of satisfaction. After every job we do a follow up to ensure our customers are happy with their garage floor coating!

    Why Hire An Epoxy Garage Floor Company?

    When you choose Evolve Coatings, you receive the highest quality epoxy garage flooring materials and installation methods. We can tackle any renovation project regardless of the challenge. However, you might be curious why you even need an epoxy garage flooring installation company. With so many garage floor DIY options, why is it necessary to hire professional garage floor contractors?

    DIY installation is an entirely legitimate choice for your garage flooring project. You do not necessarily need a professional garage floor contractor to install your flooring. However, there are many downsides and risks involved with DIY products and processes.

    The typical claim is that DIY garage floor epoxy installation will save you money. These projects use standard garage flooring products, so they can lower total costs. Although they may be cheaper, the flooring is likely to quickly and frequently peel after one to two years. As a result, you would need to pay a garage floor company to remove the coating at a fee to then install a new coating. The long term costs of this can add up over time! 

    Polyaspartic Epoxy Garage Flooring

    Evolve Coatings polyaspartic epoxy coatings protect against peeling, cracking and delamination as well as many other forms of day to day wear and tear. Professional garage flooring installation may seem more expensive. However, you receive much higher value and long term use with high quality and high strength garage floor polyaspartic epoxy materials.

    Additionally, you receive the advantages of industry knowledge and experience. Evolve Coatings flooring specialists can perform expert installation services, so you receive flooring that will last 10+ years

    In addition to high-performance materials. Evolve Coatings prepares the concrete by diamond grinding to ensure the polyaspartic epoxy permanently bonds to the existing concrete floor. This is one of the main reasons garage floor fail. The end results is you receive total protection from various potential hazards. This also saves you plenty of time and money on the repairs and maintenance you would perform with standard epoxy.

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